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10 Dead Simple Tips to Take Advantage of Google+ for SEO

ottobre 22, 2012

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Excerpted from article on SEOmoz:

“It’s no secret. When engineers built Google+, they constructed an SEO juggernaut to dominate search results above all other social platforms.

There are several ways to take advantage of this SEO domination for your own benefit.


1. Follow your profile links:

Google+ not only allows you to link to your other profiles across the web, but you can embed followed links directly into your bio with the anchor text of your choice.


2. Embed post links:

Like profile links, Google+ also allows you to insert followed links directly into your posts – as many as you want. Simply insert the full URL and Google will automatically format it as a link.

The value of these links increases the number of times the post is shared, linked to and +1’ed.


3. Optimize your G+ title tags:

The first sentence of your Google+ post becomes part of the title tag, which is highly correlated with rankings and greatly influences click-through rates. Choose your keywords carefully and consider that the first sentence will be the first thing most people see.


4. Unlimited editing power:

Google+ is just like your own mini personal blogging platform. This means you can fully edit any of your posts at any time. Not so with Facebook or Twitter.


5. Index new content lightning fast:

If you share new content on Google+, chances are that Google will index the page very quickly.

Rumor has it that new URLs are crawled almost instantly. This makes complete sense as part of the purpose of Google+ was to replace Twitter when creating Google’s Realtime Search.


6. Stalk Connect with influencers:

Google+ lists 17 different notification triggers that can help you connect with influencers in your industry.

Depending on the individual’s account settings, these notifications can take the form of an email, phone SMS, or the omnipresent red Google notification bar.


7. Optimize your author pic for more traffic:

If you successfully implement the author tag and have an eye-catching pic you can often grab free traffic away from even your competitor’s #1 ranking.


8. Test drive a G+ social media dashboard:

Adam Singer created an awesome social media dashboard that you can use for free. At one glance you can view all your essential metrics from Google+ traffic and all other social networks including:

– On Site Social Actions, i.e. Google +1’s;
– Revenue per Visit by Social Network;
– Overall Traffic Stats by Social Source.
Bonus: Install this dashboard for free in your Google Analytics account by clicking here:


9. Check your CircleRank:

My favorite new tool is CircleCount. Try it now by pasting in your Google+ URL to chart your daily follower growth, the virality of your posts, and even see your “CircleRank” score compared against all other Google+ profiles.


10. Be an awesome (Late) early adopter:

Even with it’s explosive growth, only 1 in 4 people use Google+ once a month. The rest log in even less, although this number is growing fast…”


Read full interesting article here:


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